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Grow on Concrete 

Wearable Devices
The expansion of cities has brought more and more buildings and concrete, and in the process, green vegetation has been unevenly distributed for various reasons. Their impact on physical and mental health also brings inequality to people living in the city, causing green vegetation in the city to gradually develop green privileges belonging to specific groups.
Therefore, I designed a super power that can break this green imbalance and reverse the green privilege through individual power. Through a series of wearable devices, I can spray soil on concrete and launch seed balls. Growing plants on concrete expresses a protest against green privilege and attempts to reverse this inequality in a provocative way.


The contemporary cities are lack of green. The early planed and builded cities are always consist of concretes and stones, since people’s lack of awareness of the combination of nature and architecture. The 2016 National Gardening Survey found that of the 6 million Americans who started gardening that year, 5 million were between the ages of 18 and 34...Mr. Baldwin said. “Houseplants are a low-cost way to have green space in your home.”


The lack of green areas in modern cities leads to unhealthy physical and mental conditions. I would like to change that in a personal way, through a “super power” of an individual. Then I was confronted with the question of how individuals can influence cities and buildings.


  • Seed bombs
  • Seed spreading clothes
  • Moss gun
  • Green trash 
  • Movable Green Equipment


Based on the idea of moss guns and seed bombs, I believe that changing the urban environment can be achieved by changing the urban ground surface. The concrete surface makes it very difficult for most plants to survive, while concrete often takes up a large part of the city. Therefore, I designed a gun that can spray mud to cover the concrete surface of the city and create an environment for plants to grow.